July 2, 2017



Sadly, no one responded to my March 12/17 request for help so this is an announcement that this website will no long be updating all the events in which Vizslas are entered.  The amount of time and effort is simply too much for one individual to do.  I will complete 2014 results, after which no effort will be made to continue except possibly for results from specialty and booster shows, if possible.  I will endeavour to update titles but that's about it.

On behalf of the original blog owner and myself, we hope that Vizsla owners have enjoyed and found some benefit to this blog. We regret that more help is not forthcoming to do more.

Viva Vizslas!


The "CKC Vizsla Event Results Blog Owners"

March 12/17


Assistance is needed with data entry & updating of results for this Blog.  Right now, only one  person is attempting this feat & it's overwhelming.  She's still working on 2014!

So if you wish to continue viewing Canadian Vizsla event results posted in one place like this, then I badly need your help.

I rely primarily on results published by the Cdn Kennel Club and occasionally from reports submitted by individuals.  The CKC results are only available to those who are members BUT if you have time to help us and aren't a member, I can email you the downloaded reported to work from.

There is often several month's lag for the CKC's downloadable results to be published.  We are currently still working on uploading results from 2014 (almost done) but none of 2015 & 2016 (except for a couple of events) have been started.

What's primarily entailed?
  • Use the search word "vizsla' to go through each document.
  • Copy the information from the report to Notepad or another word editor
  • Reformat it a little bit (we can supply details) such as adding breeder's name (when known), placements for rally & obedience, etc.
  • Copy to the Blog
  • Bold event / kennel club name & a couple of other things; underline dates
  • Add "Labels" to the post settings
  • Change the schedule to align with when the event finished
  • Submit post
It's not rocket science.  It just takes time. You can see the format we've been using when you look at the posts.  Conformation is slightly different than rally / obedience or field.

Please contact canadianvizslaevents@gmail.com to express your interest and desire to help.  Thanks in advance!!